PRESTO! magical tanning formula

A tyrosine-based formula which significantly accelerates the initiation and progression of melanogenesis in the skin cells and reduces the time it takes to get a tan.

INKY BLAST tanning technology

A specially developed composition of delayed bronzers significantly accelerating the tanning process and giving the skin a warm, golden brown tan colour. In addition, it supports skin regeneration and prepares it for subsequent tanning sessions.

PURE TAN natural bronzing blend

A light blend of natural super bronzers (i.e. carrot oil, beta carotene, sugar cane), which will give your skin a maximum dark and natural effect.

SOFT&TENDER moisturizing formula

A unique formula that optimizes skin hydration. Based on proven, natural ingredients that help moisturize the skin (including karite butter and coconut oil) also in its deep layers.


An advanced anti-oxidant complex based on blueberry extracts and vitamins, which supports the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers and prevents their degeneration. It strengthens the skin, improves its tension and elasticity, as well as density, leaving it exceptionally smooth and firm.

REVITAN technology

A unique set of ingredients that soothe the skin and support its regeneration. Includes Aloe Vera leaf juice and Silver Maple extract which protect the skin during the tanning process and prevents excessive loss of moisture.

FIRM&TIGHT organic blend

A special complex of natural plant ingredients (i.e. coconut, Shea, bilberry, citrus), which firms the skin and helps fight cellulite. It is known to elasticise and tighten the skin, improve cell metabolism, speed up the removal of toxins, and burn fat tissue.


A real regenerating vitamin bomb that will restore your skin’s radiance and add energy to your day – to keep you healthy and youthful. This incredible booster is based on citrus fruit extracts.


An outstanding nutritional serum utilizing the beneficial properties of natural oils. It restores the skin’s natural glow and improves its appearance – deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and smooths fine wrinkles.


A silicone-based complex that smooths out the skin and facilitates even application of the cosmetics, leaving the skin silky smooth and soft.